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Dzalanyama Forest is made up of highlands and riverines, lofty peaks and waterfalls - Exploring this vast mountain range can be done on foot, on bike and a little bit can be done in a vehicle. 

We have cut hiking, walking and mountain bike trails across the forest for you to get the most out of what this beautiful area has to offer. 

The perfect destination to forest bathe and get back in touch with nature. 

We are now working on building a few shelters in the forest with eco toilets, so now you can wild camp or take out a picnic or a yoga mat out for the day to really relax in the peace and solitude of the forest.

Mountain Bike Hire

Per Hour - 3,000mwk

1/2 Day - 11,000mwk

Full Day - 20,000mwk

Bike Routes

We currently have three mapped out Cycle Routes across Dzalanyama Forest - These are The Plantation Route, The Border Route and The Cattle Ranch Route.

Below are available downloads in KML and GPX Files.

Though we also have hard copies of these routes available at Dzalanyama Forest Lodge and in our Land and Lake Offices. 

Each Route gives a general Outline of what to expect, from Gradient, Time and Km's.

Plantation Route

Border Route

Cattle Ranch Route

Walking & Hiking Routes

We have cut 7 trails across Dzalanyama Forest, all starting and ending from the lodge - these range from easy walks to thrilling hikes. All are unique and offer you different views, birds, trees and flowers - With the maps there is a short description of the route and some interesting things you may be able to find on your walk.

Should you be heading out solo, please let someone at the lodge know which route you intend to take and what time you intend to be back, please ensure you have a cell phone and have noted our emergency contacts. 

Should you like to take a guide with you on a hike, there are local forest guides available to accompany you, just note, these guides do not know birds, fauna or flora yet. Should you like a guided walk, please let us know and we can arrange a guide to come from Lilongwe!

Local Guide Rate:

Per Hour: 2,500mwk 

2-3 Hours: 6,000mwk

Full Morning or Afternoon: 11,000mwk

Full Day: 16,000mwk 

Mukwa Route

Kauziuzi Trail

Protea Trail

Confluence Trail

Water Intake Trail

Mtsotsolo Hike

Upper Forest 

All Routes


One of Malawi's Premier birding localities, especially for Miombo species. The birdlife is spectacular and Dzalanyama often hosts a variety of international birding enthusiasts. 

We have a comprehensive and basic birding list at Dzalanyama and can be downloaded below for those looking to tick off those all important lifers that Dzalanyama has secreted away. 

If you're particularly keen on birds, we highly recommend booking a land and lake birding guide for your stay! Our local tour guides are great with the trails but are not yet qualified to identify flora or fauna species!

Land and Lake birding guides are not based at Dzalanyama and in the busy season we need ample time to get them here, so avoid disapointment and let us know your interests!

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Bird List

Other Things

The Mataka Stream in front of Dzalanyama Forest Lodge is famous for river swimming! A variety of of pools, rapids and waterfalls tumble past the house - So bring your swimming costumes for some exploring or wading in clear and clean mountain water! 

Forests are home to a wide variety of small fauna and flora, so whether you're interested in trees, wildlife, insects or maybe snakes and creepy crawlies - there are tracks to follow, places to find and creatures to discover.

If you're of the younger generation, we have treasure hunts and games!

Or if you're up for discovering new species in the older generation, we can supply what you need and when you need it for your research, from bat counts to annually discovering new moth species. 

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